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SEO: Relevance Meets Authority

When it comes to Google search, there are broadly three things that come into play - Discoverability, Relevance and Authority. Discoverability is the ability of your website content to be indexed by Google. It is the Relevance and Authority aspects where SEO comes into play.


Suppose you have a spectacles store and you want to rank for the search term - ‘Trendy glasses in New York.’ Now think, how will Google know that you are selling those glasses that people wear and not those glasses that people use to drink water? A well formed content that talks about the eyes, the conditions because of which people use glasses, the power of the glasses, the looks of the glasses etc will automatically ensure that Google ranks your website for the search terms related to the spectacles and eye conditions. This is the easy part.


The challenging part is to establish AUTHORITY. This is where you will see if a Search Engine Optimizer is qualified enough. There are already so many established websites that target the spectacles industry. Why should Google assign your website a higher ranking than what those established websites have? This is where the actual SEO game starts. And you must have heard by now that old adage - SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. The guys say that for exactly this reason - it takes a while to be as authoritative as the already established websites.


My Offerings

Broadly speaking, Search Engine Optimization has three arms - Tech SEO, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. My bread and butter depends on On Page and Off Page SEO.


Content Remains The King For On Page SEO


You know what the most unsexy part of content marketing is? It’s the content creation process. It takes almost a whole day to create a quality content of 1500 words. There are many people who claim to write 1500 words within 3 hours. Ha! Let me tell you, if you want non-shitty content, look for content writers who promise only 1500 words of content per day - not more than that.


I’ll tell you why creating content for a website takes time. Content creation sounds like a single task. But there are multiple tasks that makes the whole content creation process -

  • First, I have to analyse your website to see the overall tone and culture that your website displays. I have to keep my content consistent with the existing image of the website.

  • Second, there’s the keyword research process. Yes, many SEO gurus say, these days, “Oh stop focusing on keywords. They are outdated.” Man! keywords are still important and will be - till any disruptive technology comes. What has changed is the way Google sees the keywords. These days, I focus on the ‘keyword intent.’

    So suppose I want to write content on a streaming site. Apart from obvious keywords, I will try and find out what popular movies are there on that streaming site. Because people want to - intend to - watch those movies.The names of the movies will be the keyword intent.


  • Have you seen the language of this write-up? It seems as if a rude, good for nothing guy has written it. But the fact is, colloquialism sells. ‘The shit is about to hit the fan’ appeals more than ‘Things are about to go awry.’ Just don’t use any words that are disparaging to any person, religion, race or gender.

    Not many content writers out there will dare to write in such a colloquial way! I can!


  • People can sense if a content is written with heart and soul or not. So, across the web, you will find people thumping their chest and saying that they write 10,000 words per day. I write just 1500 words per day. That’s because I need to feel the topic. I need to OWN the topic. This takes time. I have to watch Youtube videos and chat with people on Reddit to get as close to the topic as I can.

  • Did you know that the word ‘eggplant’ is used only by people in the US? The people in the UK call it aubergine. In India, it is called Brinjal. Crafting content for a specific cohort of people takes time and knowledge of the language. If you examine this article carefully, you will see that I haven’t used much contraction (I’ve instead of I have, or He’s instead of He has ect are called contractions). That’s because I am targeting this write-up to the Indian audience. If I were to target the same content to the people in the US, I would have used contractions.

Writing SEO optimised content, therefore, is not a piece of cake. I try to follow all the content writing best practices as precisely as possible. Contact me if you need content for your website. Let’s see if I can be of any help!

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