5 Awesome Games For Ubuntu Linux To Play In 2021

Updated: Jan 3

5 Best Free Games For Ubuntu To Play 2021

Linux, too, is full of awesome games. Believe it or not. Many users do not shift to Linux because they think that they can’t play games there. But let me assure you, there are thousands of Linux Games out there that you can play. And with the advent of Snap packages, you can expect Windows games running smoothly in your Linux system. Today I will showcase 10 among the thousands of free Ubuntu games.

5 Best Ubuntu Linux Games -

You can now take the leap of faith and come to the Linux or Ubuntu world. There are many games for Ubuntu. All of them are free! And you don’t need to scan them with Antivirus software.

AssaultCube -

AssaultCube is a 3D First Person Shooter Game available for Ubuntu Linux. You can download the game straight from the official software store of Ubuntu.

This small size Ubuntu Linux game features IGI-like gameplay. You go all guns blazing, destroying the enemies. The game has many modes. The most popular modes are - Capture The Flag, Last Swiss Standing, One Shot One Kill and DeathMatch.

The USP of the game is its dynamism. There are many maps available when you first download this Ubuntu Linux game. But new maps keep getting uploaded every month. So the game never feels boring.

Another USP of the game is its awesome community built around this game for Ubuntu. Since this is a multiplayer game, you can play with other players online. These players can become a special part of your life when you keep on playing for months. There are Discord Servers, Telegram Groups associated with this game that you can join. You can quarrel with these real life people, you can share your life’s bits and pieces - you can make them your friends.

An Awesome AssaultCube Map

Official Website - https://assault.cubers.net/


Nexuiz is another 3D First Person Shooter that you can download. This game for Ubuntu is quite big in size. So you can expect awesome graphics and sound. In fact I am in love with the dramatic sound of the game.

Nexuiz is famous for its fast gameplay. Once you start the game, you cannot rest for one second. Your adrenaline will rush like hell.

Since Nexuiz is based on the Quake Engine, you can expect awesome gothic-like architecture and sharp graphics. The game is dark, mysterious and has the ability to evoke a sense of adventure. You get so many guns - from normal machine guns to rocket launchers, from hook-guns to guided missiles and laser guns - you get everything.

This is Nexuiz 2 - Source Amiga OS

Official Website - http://www.alientrap.com/games/nexuiz/


Neverball is an underrated Ubuntu Linux game that does not get the necessary shoutout. This game for Ubuntu features a ball. You have to guide the ball by tilting the game sideways, forward and backward. The aim is to guide the ball and take it to the desired point - all the while preventing it from the platform.

Have you seen those weirdly satisfying videos on Youtube? Watching those videos really calms your mind and makes you happy. This free Ubuntu Linux game does the same thing. The smoothness with which the ball moves forward, the music - both are calming.

This game is also used as an exergame. Exergame is that game that you control by moving your body. The sensor captures the movement and triggers the equivalent joystick action. The January 1, 2010 edition of Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy published a study that explains how, in a trial, this game was used in conjunction with the exergaming system. The aim of the trial was to see if such gaming systems can help promote healthy postural stability. And the result was quite promising.


Official Website - https://neverball.org/


SuperTux is the small brother of Super Mario. It is a tiny little game to pass time. Just like Super Mario, it is a side scroller. Our hero is the most beloved Tux penguin. In this free Ubuntu game, Tux will save his girlfriend Penny from villain Nolok. The graphics are great. However, most of the maps are based in snow covered worlds. The sameness of the maps can sometimes bore you. But you can’t complain. There is provision to make new maps. The music is quite lively too.

SauerBraten Cube2

Sauerbraten is another 3D First Person Shooter game that I love. Guys, I need to concede, although I love AssaultCube the most, but the graphics of Cube2 are just unparalleled. There are many modes like InstaGib - which is similar to One Shot One Kill. Then there is CTF.

There is one gaming mode in Sauerbraten which is not available in other Ubuntu LInux FPS games - and that is - Regen Capture. You capture the neutral bases and enemy bases by standing next to them for at least 10 seconds. You will score points for every 10 seconds of capture. Your ammo and health will also be regenerated when you stand next to these bases.

Another great feature of this great free game for Ubuntu is - in the CTF mode, you can pass the enemy flag by shooting at your teammates. I highly miss this feature in AssaultCube.


Official Website - http://sauerbraten.org/

An Honourable Mention About Snap

Ubuntu has come up with Snap packages. These are similar to Docker packages in the sense that the application code as well as the dependencies to run the code are bundled in a single package. So you can expect many Windows games to come to Linux as Snap package ( with WINE emulator prepackaged)

One example of a Snap based game is Trackmania. Trackmania is a Windows game that is available in the Ubuntu Snap store. The WINE package is bundled with the game itself. So you don't need to install and set up WINE in your system. The game runs as it is. Infact running running programs through WINE already installed - involves many glitches. But the WINE package bundled with the game works flawlessly.

Trackmania Ubuntu Snap Free Game

So you can expect many more Windows games coming to the Snap store in the form of Snap package.


With big companies starting to give the much deserved respect to Linux, we will see an increase in the number of Linux users in the upcoming days. Where there is demand, there will always be supply. And Ubuntu, in particular, is doing some awesome ( yet controversial) with Snap. This will result in many Windows games becoming playable on Linux because of the WINE package stored within the Snap package.

If you have never used Linux, you can try Ubuntu. There are many great Ubuntu games available. Ubuntu is easier to use than other Operating Systems. And if you can pay for games, you will get much more advanced and high quality games through Steam. The gaming world is not stagnant in Linux. Come, join us.

Psst! - Start with AssaultCube - it’s my personal favourite.


Citation -

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Link - https://www.jospt.org/doi/full/10.2519/jospt.2010.3121

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