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Top 5 Android Photo Editors ( You Haven't Heard of No. 4)

The web is where our alter-ego lives. We carefully pick what we want to show on the web. We carefully choose our words. We don't upload our original photos. And rightly so! We have to impress the world! So we digitally touch up our photos. We remove all our blemishes. We remove ugly backgrounds. We make the photos mystical.

There are many Android photo editors out there that do a great job in making our photos look beautiful - in making us look beautiful. Here are top 5 Android photo editors that can make you look better than Brad Pitt and Aishwariya Rai.

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  • Snapseed –

Google’s Snapseed is a great photo editing app available for Android. If you want to play with colours and light on your photo, this Android photo editor is for you. Apart from the colour balance feature, Snapseed also offers a host of other features like white balance, crop, contrast, retrolux, grainy film, text add, vignette, double exposure and what not. Here are some of the screenshots.

  • Photolab –

If Snapseed is for just touching up the photos, Photolab is for digitally altering the photos altogether. Want to remove that ugly background from your photo? Photolab can help. Want to cartoonise your photo? Photolab is there. Want to make your photo look mystical? Use Photolab. Want to play with Shadows? Photolab is present. Want to add a tiger beside you? Photolab can do that too! Here are some screenshots...

  • Picsart -

If you start exploring Picsart Android Photo editor, you have to spend atleast 10 days with it in order see all of its features. There are background remover, sketch effects, photo overlays, colour exposure, sky changer, duotone effects and much more.You will also find meme generator in Picsart. Picsart is an awesome app. It is a very high level app. If you have great imaginary power, you can use Picsart to make master pieces. Here are two screehots...

  • Photofunia -

Photofunia is one of the underrated Android photo editors. All the other photo editors focus on digitally touching up your photos to make you look more beautiful. But Photofunia is more interested in adding quirk to your photos. If you want your photo to be inside a photoframe with a cat on top of the frame, Photofunia is there to help you. If you want your photo to be admired by two girls, Photofunia is there. If you want to look like an astronaut, Photofunia is there. If you want your name to glow as a neon sign, Photofunia is there. And there hundred of such effects.

  • Adobe Lightroom -

Most photo editors just works. You don't get to learn how exactly you can make your photos better. With Adobe Lightroom you can see exactly what exactly can you do to make your photos awesome. Adobe Lightroom is for those photography pros who knows that just by tweaking brightness, contrast and colour one can make photos beautiful.


In our eagerness to make our photos beautiful, we forget to read the privacy policy of the photo editing apps. You must read the privacy policy of the photo editing apps before installing them on your phone.

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