Top 3 Online Photo Editors To Bring Out The Artist In You

Best Online Photo Editing Softwares

When it comes to image editing, we always think about photo editor for Android or PC. But, there are many online photo editors out there that do not require any app installs. You can easily edit photos, save them or use them on social media or elsewhere. Most of these online photo editors offer account creation. So you can easily save your edited photos for future use. Here is a list of 3 professional grade online photo editors...

Best Online Photo Editors -

  1. Pixlr

  2. Photolab

  3. Canva

  • Pixlr -

Pixlr is one of the greatest online photo editors. It comes in two flavours - Advanced Pixlr E and Playful Pixlr X. The advanced Pixlr E is quite similar to Photoshop. Infact, the layout is such that you will confuse it with Photoshop. At the left hand side there are tools like blur, crop, smudge, text etc. At the right there is the layer management box. The terminologies are different though. For example, the smudge tool is known as liquify. The Playful Pixlr X is for those who have no Photoshop knowledge whatsoever. It is great too in its limited form.

  • Photolab -

Most people think Photolab is only an app. But is a full fledged online photo editor as well. You can do everything with the online version of Photolab that you do with the app. Photolab boasts of many filters. Photolab can 'cartoonize' your face. It can work as a great background remover. You can replace the original background altogether and put some mysterious, dark, classy background instead. You can modify the colours in your photos and enhance the colour scheme. You can make your hair colourful as if you have coloured them. And then there are some cool animations too - you can make snowflakes fall. You can flash and unflash lights. You need a whole day to play with all the filters.

  • Canva -

Sometimes, you need to edit photos not just to edit your girlfriend/boyfriend but to impress the people in the corporate world too. Canva is mostly used as an infographic maker, socila media post creator or resume maker. However, you can also Canva as a photo editor to add a bio beside your picture. You can use Canva to make posters containing your photo. Have you seen the back of any best selling book? You will find a box that has the picture of the author along with a short intro. You can make such kind of things with Canva.


There are many other photo editors out there. But you know what? No matter how many photo editors you use, you need to have great imagination to edit photos. Photo editors are just mediums, at the end of the day it is YOU who does the magic.Photo editors

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