Top 10 Smartphones Under Rs. 10000 [ Updated Sep 2020 ]

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Smartphones Below 10,000 Rupees

Smartphone prices have come come down drastically. You can now get smartphones with state of the art features without spending more than 10,000 Rupees. You just have to keep your eyes open.

Here are top 5 Android smartphones that are priced below 10,000

  • Samsung M01

Samsung M01 Smartphones Under 10000
Samsung M01

Samsung M01 is a great smartphone that doesn’t make a hole in your pocket. It is quite stylish in look and the features are awesome.

The price of the phone is 8,400. At this range, Samsung used to offer smartphones that were below the mark. But now, Samsung has changed. In order to compete with the likes of Redmi and Vivo, it has to add exciting features even to its entry level phones.

The Samsung M01 - a smartphone that is priced below 10,000 - sports 3 GB RAM. So you can play fairly heavy games on it. This sub 10,000 phone comes with 32GB of storage. The phone is not that small in size too - it has a 5.7 inch screen! The phone comes with 13+2 MP dual cameras. Unlike A20, this below 10,000 phone sports a Qualcomm processor as opposed to its flagship Exynos processor. The phone has a battery capacity of 4000 MAh.

Samsung M01 Features Summary

Price - 8,400


Screen Size - 5.7 Inch

Camera - 13 Megapixel + 2 Megapixel

Battery - 4000 MAh

  • Redmi 8A

Redmi 8A Smartphones Under Rs. 10000
Redmi 8A

If you prefer Redmi over Samsung, it also offers a sub-10,000 phone - Redmi 8A. This phone is priced at 8299 Rupees - 100 Rupees lesser than Samsung M01. But wait, there are many more differences.

Samsung M01 has 4000 MAh battery. But this Redmi phone that is priced below Rs. 10,000 has a 5000 MAh battery. So if you remain stuck to your smartphone 24 hours like fevicol - this phone can be a great choice.

This phone that is under 10,000 also sports 3GB RAM. Redmi 8A offers you a storage capacity of 32GB. On the camera front too, this phone has 13+2 MP dual cameras.

However, Redmi 8A beats Samsung M01 when it comes to screen size. The screen size of Redmi 8A is 6.22 inch. Not much a difference but it will be noticeable. The phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor.

Redmi 8A Features Summary

Price - 8,299


Screen Size- 6.22 Inch

Battery - 5000 MAh

Camera - 13+2 Megapixel

  • Nokia 2.3

Nokia 2.3 Smartphones Below 10000
Nokia 2.3

Nokia 2.3 is another smartphone that is priced below 10,000. However unlike Samsung M01 and Redmi 8A, this sub 10,000 phone is behind the two phones in terms of features. It is priced at Rs. 8800.

Nokia 2.3 features 2GB RAM. Most phones under this price range come with 3GB RAM. The phone is powered by Mediatek’s Helio A22 processor. Other phones at this range sports Qualcomm processors. Thankfully the storage capacity is the same as other phones at this price range - 32GB.

The only saving grace is its cameras. Although the cameras are the same 13+2 MP dual cameras, the quality of the cameras is fabulous. It can shoot bright pictures even in low light. The phone comes with a 4000 MAh battery.

Nokia 2.3 Features Summary

Price - 8,800

RAM - 2 GB

Battery - 4000 MAh

Camera - 13+2 Megapixel

  • Vivo Y91i

Vivo Y91i is another phone that is below 10,000 Rupees. The phone, however, cannot compete with Redmi or Samsung’s sub 10000 phones.

The phone is priced at 8,990. Although it sports 3GB RAM and 32 GB memory, the phone disappoints when it comes to processor and screen size.

This sub 10000 phone sports a Mediatek Helio P22 processor. It has a battery capacity of 4000 MAh.

Vivo Y91i Features Summary

Price - 8,990

Ram - 3 GB

Battery - 4000 MAh

  • Vivo Y11

Vivo Y11 Smartphones Under Rs. 10000
Vivo Y11

I am including another Vivo phone in this list to make you guys understand why it is necessary to do a little research before buying a smartphone.

This phone is also under 10000 Rupees and is just 1000 Rupees more than Vivo Y91i. The phone is priced at 9990 Rupees.

This sub 10000 smartphone beats all the other smartphones in this price range. The phone sports 13+12 MPdual cameras! It also features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor. On the battery front too, the phone is better than the previously mentioned phones - It has a 5000 MAh battery.

The phone boasts of 3GB RAM and 32 GB ROM. This sub 10000 phone has a screen size of 6.3 inches. It really defeats all the other phones in this price range.

Vivo Y11 Features Summary

Price - 9,990

Camera - 13+12 Megapixel

Battery - 5000 MAh

RAM - 3 GB

Screen Size - 6.3 Inches

  • Samsung Galaxy M01 Core

Another new Samsung smartphone has been launched recently. It is the small brother of Samsung M01. It's name is Samsung M01 core. Priced at just Rs. 6000, Samsung M01 core is much much better than the previous Samsung smartphones that were in this price range - loke J2 core.

The Samsung M01 core has 5.3 inch screen which is a tad smaller than that of other phones in this price range. The phone comes with 2 GB RAM. It has a battery capacity of 3000 MAh.

The phone is neither powered by Exynos nor is it powered by Qualcomm. It is powered by Mediatek's MT6739WW processor. The phone won't give you a full fledged Android experience - it sports Android GO.

Samsung M01 Core Smartphones Under Rs 10000
Samsung M01 Core

  • Coolpad Cool 5

Another smartphone under 10000 is Coolpad Cool 5. It is priced at 7,999. Most smartphones at this price range offer 32 GB of phone storage. But this is where Coolpad Cool 5 is different - It offers you 64 GB of storage.

This 6.2 inches phone sports a Mediatek Helio P22 processor. It is powered by 4 GB of RAM and it has a 4000 MAh battery. This sub 10000 phone has 13+2 MP back cameras and a 16 MP front camera. So this can suit you the best if you love to click pictures on the go.

Smartphones Under 10000
Coolpad Cool 5

  • Lenovo A7

This is an incredible phone. Lenovo A7 is priced at 9743 but it has a Monster RAM and Big Storage capacity. The phone comes with 4GB RAM and 64 GB storage!

Lenovo A7 comes with 13+2 MP cameras. It has a massive 4000 MaH battery. This sub 10,000 smartphone sports a 6.09 inches IPS LCD screen which is quite good at this price range.

Smartphones Under Rs.10000
Lenovo A7

  • LG W10 Alpha

If you are an LG fan like me, you will be happy to hear that LG too has a smartphone that is priced below Rs 10000. It is LG W10. The phone is priced at 8325.

Unlike other phones, this phone is powered by UNISOC ( Formerly Spereadtrum) processor. The phone has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage capacity. It is powered by a 3450 MaH battery.

LG W10 disappoints at the camera front. It has a back camera of just 8 Megapixel and no secondary camera.

Howeever, the USP of the phone is - unlike other phones LG W10 is not too thin from the sides. It has nice width.

Smartphones Below Rs. 10,000

  • LG W10

That is why I say, research before buying a phone. Much like LG W10 Alpha, Lg has another phone - LG W10. It is much much better than LG W10 Alpha.

The phone is priced at 9,999. It has 3GB RAM and 32 GB Storgae. The phone has 13+5 MP cameras. It is powered by the Mediatek Helio P22 processor and it has a battery of 4000 MaH. It's screen size is 6.19 inch.

Sub 10,000 Smartphones
LG W10

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