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Photolab - Best Gradient Photo Editor (See Tests)

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Grab the Great Gradient Photo Editor

Photolab is one of the best gradient photo editor out there. You can download the app from the playstore. It's extremely easy to use. Among the many other effects, Photolab also has gradient effect. This makes Photolab a grear gradient photo editor. Unlike other gradient photo editor that just puts gradient into a photo, Photolab does much more. See the the editing trial below and get amazed!

Let us use the photo of Lionel Messi and see how we can use gradient to make the already dashing, pretty player look more ravishing. Here is the original picture that we are about to edit -

We know, this picture doesn't need editing : He's already handsome!

Now let us see what happens if we add gradient to this picture. The picture has an uniform colour. It has blue, green, white, red, black. An average gradient photo editor cannot do much good if it applies gradient. But is different. Here we go...

Doesn't the photo look magical ? See, Photolab.Me has not only put gradient, but it has also touched up the photo so that the gradient looks perfect. That is the power of AI ! Just like pixiz photo editor has its own USP, Photolab has its USP too. And that USP is its awesome usage of AI.

There are countless of other filters that can do much more than just apply gradients. Photolab is obviously a great gradient photo editor, but there so many other things that you can do with it. You can cartoonise the picture, make a gif out of your still picture and even add a tiger beside you!

Here is another modification of the same photo of Messi. Have a look.

Did you see that! Here Photolab did not just limit itself as a gradient photo editor, it worked as a background remover too! So the ideas are limitless. You can combine the effects and make your own effect combination. has the ability to bring out creativity from you.

Bottom Line

Photolab is a great gradient photo editor and more. The best thing is, unlike other photo editors, it respects your privacy. What more can you want?

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