Why PhotoLab Is Different ( How To Use Photolab App Effetcs)

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Photolab is the newest kid in the block. This photo editing app has become the sensation. If you open Whatsapp these days, chances are, at least 5 to 8 of your friends have their DP digitally touched up by the app.

Photolab has many filters. It can be a great competitor to other Instagram filters. You can 'cartoonize' your face. You can replace the original background altogether and put some mysterious, dark, classy background instead. You can play with colours and manipulate them. You can make your hair colourful as if you have coloured them. And then there are some cool animations too - you can make snowflakes fall. You can flash and unflash lights. You need a whole day to play with all the filters.

Better than Photoshop!

How To Use Photolab App

Photolab is nothing but a revolutionary app. You can remove the ugly background from your photos. You can make the photos look classy and awesome. Whats more, you don't need to be a Pro to use Photolab.

Let me use the photo of my favourite actress - Tapsee Pannu and see how I can make the already beautiful lady look more beautiful...

This is the original image -

Effect 1 -

Isn't That Awesome?

Effect 2 -

Effect 3 -

There are hundreds of effects. Now try them yourself and see the magic!

PhotoLab Privacy Policy

One good thing about photolab is its not-so-harmful privacy policy. To begin with, Linerock Investments - the company behind Photolab has actually a robust privacy policy in place! Other photo editors from Russia or China do not have any privacy policies whatsoever.

When you use the Photolab app or website, the company collects information about your browser and operating system. These are all general information. The keyword here is - you cannot be identified by this information even when Photolab shares them with third party vendors. As they say -

How Long PhotoLab Stores Your Photo -

If you upload your photo without logging in and apply effects to it, PhotoLab will keep the original and the modified photos for upto two weeks. Then they get automatically deleted. If you are a registered user your photo will be stored till your account deletion. You can delete your photos any time.

Does Photolab Show My Photo To Others ?

If you want, you can make your edited photos public. However, it is not mandatory. Photolab does use your photo for marketing activities, but they show your photos only to you.

How To Download Photolab -

Go to the official Photolab Website. You can edit your from the website itself. You can also download the app from the Playstore by visiting this link.

Bottom Line -

Photolab is an awesomne app to digitally modify your photos. The AI supported app can quickly add cool filters to your photos. The great thing is, even after the application of the filters, the originality of your face gets retained. However, it needs to improve more in order to compete with Photofunia.

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