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Photo Editor Pro APK - Look More Hot!

Photo Editor Pro APK is one of the most feature rich Android photo editors. You can do all sorts of things with this app. You can appear more sexy with this photo effects maker. So what are you waiting for? Click here to go straight to Play Store and download Photo editor Pro APK.

Photo Editor Pro APK : Features

There are many features that make Photo Editor Pro APK number 1 photo editing app. The features are listed below -

100 Plus Filters -

Photo Editor Pro APK offers 100 plus filters. These filters can enhance your photos. The enhanced photos will make you look enchanting, beautiful and attractive. No longer you have to wait for likes on Facebook or Instagram. Just upload the photos edited by Photo editor pro and see how people appreciate them on social media. Who knows : you might get new boyfriends or girlfriends just by uploading that perfectly edited photo.

You can play with colours, contrast, brightness, hue and saturation with the help of these filters. You can make your photos brighter or darker. You can increase the amount of certain colours. You can make the photo black and white. You can do hundreds of different things. My favourite is tint.


Photo Editor Pro comes with an awesome effects maker. You can overlay nicely designed colours over your photos. This overlay gives a mystic feel to your photos. The overlay effect can also be used as a gradient. You can even apply sketch effects to your photos. The sketch can have a similar shape as the human being in the photo. This is an awesome tool.

Neon Stickers

There are many neon stickers that you can apply to your photos. The AI based Photo editor pro makes sure that the stickers do not cover the body parts of the person in the photo. So if you plan to apply the spiral sticker to your photo - the AI will make sure that the spiral doesn’t cover you - it makes the spiral look as if you are inside the spiral.

Light Effects

With Photo editor pro apk, you can apply light effects to your photos. These light effects are nicely designed. The interesting thing is, these light effects do not cover the photo, rather it compliments the photo. So for example if you want to incorporate some line-like light effects you can do so without spoiling your picture.

Double Exposure

You can add two photos and make them look like a single photo. This is called double exposure. You can do this in Photo effects pro. So suppose you want to add your picture to the photo of a forest, you can do so with double exposure. With a little bit of cleverness you can adjust the two photos in such a way that they will give the impression that you are actually in the forest.

Breast Enlargement, Butt Enhancement!

Ahem! Yes, you can make your breasts grow ( in the photo, that is) with the help of Photo effects pro. You can make your bottom look beautiful and chubby with this amazing photo effects maker. Ah! Imagine how turned on will your Facebook friends be!

Other Photo Editing Apps -

Apart from photo editor pro, there are many other photo editing apps that you must try. Some of them are listed below -

Fotor Photo Editor:

Fotor Photo Editor is the name that has made a place in the market and is in existence for a long time. Editing tools present in the UI of Fotor are numerous. This Android photo editor has features and tools which can enhance the quality of an image with a single tap as per your requirement. There are many other tools as well - image cropping, rotation of an image, increasing contrast & brightness, exposure, saturation, highlights, and shadow. There are around 50 or more filters available in this great Android photo editing app.

On top of it, it also provides you an option to manually edit images. Editing pictures with Fotor will give you an experience and the resultant image produced after editing will give you an impression that an artist has given his understanding, thought, and interpretation to an image. All filters do possess a wonderful quality and give an option to edit the image as per convenience. To access Fotor, you need to create an account so that you may sign in and start editing. Sign up process is quite lengthy and may take more time than usual.

Pixaloop Photo Animator & Photo Editor:

This photo editor for Android is worth a try. The amazing feature of this application is that you can add new images or shots in an image which were not there in the photo. Adding images may change the ambiance or look of an image. This application is quite useful for adding and laying water effects as it can turn a simple photo into GIF style photo. The red-eye effect is missing and the pictures cropped are of neat and clean quality.

Pixaloop has another feature that allows you to curve an image. Curving an image helps to sharpen the corners and intersection of an image. Merging of images is another option in this application. This application is quite useful for professionals as it supports RAW native files. If we talk about shortcomings, then this app is out of reach of beginners or students as the subscription to this application is quite expensive.

PicsArt Photo studio:

PicsArt photo studio is an app that has all the major features required for editing a picture. There are a few major advantages of this Android photo editor. It has advanced drawing options. Brushes available on the platform are full of art and creativity. Brushes can be used as per self-orientation and customization. Another top advantage of this application is that this app allows you to take videos and pictures with a live effect phenomenon.

The live effect phenomenon doesn't reduce the quality of an image or video. Pro-level editing such as adding bubbles, fog into the stream of an image is a major facet of this application. Funny stickers are also available on this platform to make it a fun-filled application to edit photos. There are two options to available this application i.e., to use it for no cost (free) with limited access to tools and features and to access with all advanced features such as 100 templates, fonts, collage, etc with gold membership.


Pixlr is a Photo editor that has its root in the photo editing industry from times when there was not a single application having useful photo editing and formatting tools. At that point in time, Pixlr provided tools that were useful, astonishing, and meaningful. Earlier Pixlr was known as Pixlr Express. Dynamism and innovation in photo editing were brought by Pixlr. The effects and the options provided in the effects are infinite in this application. The tools that Pixlr has are quite diverse and unified in their approach.

Pixlr is known for its social media integration and for promoting photography on social media platforms. Social media integration made this application very famous as uploading pictures on Facebook, twitter became very simple. It has a unique feature of color splash along with focal blur which means focus on a particular element with different kinds of backgrounds and colors. Enhancing the quality of an image, addition of text in different fancy fonts and scripts are other major features of this application.


VSCO application is quite a unique photo editing application. Creativity and spirit of image quality development can easily be featured and noted in VSCO. VSCO offers a wide range of options to edit pictures on its simplest interface. The welcome page shall show you only 4 options. But the 4 options have a wide range of sub-options to help you design & edit pictures and videos with high-quality effects and filters. The effects on VSCO interface are quite unique as gives your image a real phenomenon.

VSCO has exposure to high quality unified designed image editing with higher graphics. VSCO has its own community as well where updates, information, news, and blogs are shared by VSCO experts. If you want to have a real insight into artistic education, learning, and precision then you must follow VSCO community page. Articles and unique content shared on VSCO platform is available for free of cost. If you have any doubts regarding artistic knowledge, then experts are available to respond to your queries.

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