Organizational Behaviour Concepts : How It Helps

How can the Organizational Behaviour concepts and theories you have learnt in the course make you more effective at school, home, work, and/or in other arenas of life?

Organizational Behaviour is the assessment of conduct of the employees or workers in the work environment. This assessment or study is done so as to perceive what propels, demotivates, motivates, disheartens, exhausts, energizes individual workers. The findings of this assessment would then be used to help the employees work more efficiently with least friction.

How Can Organizational Behaviour Help me?

Although Organizational Behaviour is used to assess the mental health of others, we can use it on ourselves too. I have greatly benefited from the concepts and theories of Organizational Behaviour that I applied to myself.

Organizational Behaviour
Organizational Behaviour Can Make Workers Confident

Individual Differences -

One of the important concepts of Organizational Behaviour is Individual Differences. Organizational Behaviour tells us that each person is different from others. You don’t need science to prove that. Look around you. There are some people who are introvert, there are some who are extrovert. Again, some people are hardworking, others are not that much of hard workers.

Dale Carnegie tells us to empathize with the people whom you are talking to. Suppose you are talking to a rude front office executive. Your first reaction would be to show the executive his place. But that would not make your work of dealing with the executive any easier. Instead, try to find out the positive aspects of the front office executive. Maybe, his hair is shiny! Once you establish a cordial relationship with him, your work will be easier. Perhaps you will get to know of his tragedy that has made him so grumpy. Everybody has a different story to tell. You cannot judge a person without learning his story.


Organizational Behaviour tells us that everybody has a different perspective in life. So, for instance if one of my friends thinks that being vegan is the way to go, I will not make fun of her. It is her perception.

However, there is a negative aspect of perception too. Today many police officers in the US and the UK think that black people are prone to criminal activities. This is a wrong perception and it is the duty of the students like us to protest and change that perception.

The Overlapping Of Personal And Professional Life

Personal and professional life can sometimes overlap. If my friend is mistreated by her parents, she will remain in her shell at school. So if any of my friends happens to be too quiet, I would love to know the reason. I would love to help her instead of behaving as if she is not there.


Not all people get motivated by the same means. Some get motivated when you tell them that there is a cash reward after they finish the job. It is important that I find what motivates me. And I have tried to find that earlier. It seems, the prospect of watching a great movie always makes me excited. So I use it as a means of my motivation. After I finish my work, I reward myself with a great movie.

The Hunger To get Involved

Human beings by nature are social beings. In the workplace, they like to give their two cents to take part in the decision making process. They want to participate. So if I am the team leader of any team, I would give everybody the chance to decide the plan of action. This will keep them motivated as well as happy.

Treatment With Dignity

The difference between Human resource and other resources is that Human resources are made of ‘Humans’. Humans are not chairs or tables - you put forward requisitions and get them, and then you throw them away. No employees and for that matter, school children, house wives, drivers are human beings. They deserve respect. They want to be treated with dignity. More often than not, just treating a worker with dignity will bear great results as opposed to forcing him to do something.

I use this concept of Organizational behaviour to the gardener who works in our house. And believe it or not, he is more than happy to work at our house. We treat him as a family member.

Societal System

Human beings are social beings. At the end of the day we are also animals. No matter how hard we try to remain disciplined with all the formalities and etiquette, it is the informal things that make us humans. If you go to the office and work like a robot - very soon you will go mad. Friendships and bonding can also happen in the workplace.

In my institute I try to bind not just with my classmates but with my teachers as well. I wish them happy new year and merry Christmas every year.

The Overlapping of Interests

According to Organizational Behaviour, it is not that only the workers try and attain the aim of the organization. The organization too should help the workers attain their personal aims. Without this overlapping of interest, the worker cannot give their 100% to the company.

In our house, my maid is not coming because of the Coronavirus situation. But we are still giving her the monthly salary. It is our duty to make sure that our maid is able to attain her aim. This, in turn, has made our relation with the maid so strong.

Organizational Behaviour is a great way to build a strong relationship between the workers and the organization. The concepts of Organizational Behaviour can help us in our personal lives too.

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