Mystify Your Photos With These Gradient Photo Editors

Safe Gradient Photo Editor : Mystify Your Photos

Gradients can add a mystic touch to your photos. If gradient is applied perfectly, your photos can have an out of the world charm. A few years earlier, applying gradient to your photo could be a great pain, but now we have many Android and online photo editors that can do the work in a breeze.

Top 3 Gradient Photo Editors




Warning -

Please be aware that users of the most popular gradient photo editor app are not happy with the app. They say that it is expensive and charges money even if they cancel the subscription within the trial period. So I have not included the app in the list.

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Photolab is an excellent gradient photo editor. Unlike other gradient photo editors, this photo editing app does the job in a much more stylised way. You can add not just a two-color gradient but a multi-colour gradient. The gradient can look as if you are standing under colourful stage lights. Here’ an example -

So you see that the gradient is not just a simple overlay of colours. The colours integrate with the main photo well. That’s the beauty of Photolab. Another beauty of this online photo editor is that you can add gradient over gradient - meaning you can add effects upon effects. But you have to be imaginative enough so as to make the output classy and unique. That’s called combo in Photolab - the combination of effects. Here’s an example -

Applying gradient effects to your photos through Photolab is as easy as abc. You can just do that with a press of a button. No need to know any Photoshop skill or professional photo editing knowledge. Photolab has democratized the photo editing process - anybody can edit.


Photopea is not just a great gradient photo editor. It can be a great rival to Photoshop. Infact, you can save the edited pictures in Psd format - the format that Photoshop uses. Using Photopea is a little tough. But once you get the hang of it, you won’t like any other photo editor. Photopea has a DIY feel.

In order to apply gradient to your photo, first you need to add a new layer along with your photo. Look for the box at the right hand side to find the option to add a new layer. Once you add a new layer, apply the gradient maker tool from the left hand side menu. Now, make that new layer, semi opaque, so that the colours do not not hide your face. And voila! You have the gradient photo.


Phixr is yet another great gradient photo editor. The UI is so simple that a five year old can use the photo effects maker with ease. This online photo editor has a simplified version of the Photoshop interface - you get all the options at the left hand side.

To use this gradient photo editor, choose ‘Start Now’ and upload an image. Then choose the 10th option from the left hand side menu - the option that says gradient. The quality of the gradient tool is pretty high. The gradient colours integrate with the picture seamlessly.

Honourable Mentions


GIMP is the default photo editing app in most of the Linux distros. It is the true rival of Photoshop. Among many other awesome things, GIMP can be a great gradient maker. Much like Photoshop, you need to add a new layer and apply gradients to it. Then, you make that layer semi opaque. GIMP is free - not just commercially but free in the sense - freedom.

Gradient is a great way to make your photos look out of the world. Use these gradient photo editors to transform your ordinary photos into extra ordinary ones.

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