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Here's What Yohani's Song Manike Mage Hithe Actually Means

The Meaning Of Manike Mage Hithe

Yohani, the Srilankan singer has gone viral with her song Manike Mage Hithe. This sweet to hear song has crossed the boundaries of language, region, culture and creed. That’s the power of music. People in India are going nuts over this song that they don’t even understand the meaning of. And along with that, the heavenly smile of Yohani gives the song an added sweetness. Diabetics beware!

So to make the song even more endearing here is the actual meaning of the Manike Mage Hithe song in English.

Manike Mage Hithe Lyrics In English

මැණිකේ මගේ ( mæṇikē magē )

Oh my precious, (Manike literally means Gem)

හිතේ (Hithe)

In my heart,

මුදුවේ නුරා හැඟුම් යාවී, (muduvē nurā hæn̆gum yāvī)

ඇවිලේ වී (ævilē vī)

My fire of passion revolves around you.

නෙරියේ නුඹේ නගේ, (neriyē num̆bē nagē)

මගෙ නෙත් එහා මෙහා යාවී (mage net ehā mehā yāvī)

සිහිවේ වී (sihivē vī)

My eyes never wander away

From you!

මා හිත ළඟම දැවටෙනා (mā hita ḷan̆gama dævaṭenā)

You are the closest thing to my heart,

හුරු පෙමක පැටලෙනා (huru pemaka pæṭalenā)

Feels like we are together from time immemorial…

රුව නාරී (ruva nārī)

You are as aesthetic as a Goddess,

මනහාරී (manahārī)

You make my heart happy with exhilaration,

නුඹ තමා (num̆ba tamā)

You are the sweetest.

About Yohani

You already know a lot about Yohani Diloka de Silva. I won’t bore you with the usual fact. But I will talk about the girl’s smile. Even if you mute my speakers, I will still watch the Manike Mage Hithe song just to see Yohani’s smile. I can attain Moksha if she smiles at me.

Manike Mage Hithe
Screengrab Of Yohani's Interview On NDTV

Along with that, her humility touched me. If you watch this interview of her with NDTV, you will notice that she never uses the personal pronoun ‘I’ while talking about the song. She always uses ‘we’ to acknowledge her team and co-singer. And when she talks about Bollywood, she genuinely talks about everything good about it. Also, notice how she addresses the interviewer by his name which shows that she knows how to respect the person in front of her.

Yohani’s song will be permanently residing on my playlist.

#ManikeMageHithe #Yohani

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