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Best Linux Game On Climate Change (Non-Propagandist)

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Linux games can not only entertain you. They can also teach you. Playing such games isn’t a waste of time. And no, I’m not talking about educational games that help you learn coding or typing etc. I’m talking about Linux games that have the power to change your point of view. One such Linux game is The Climate Trail. The Climate Trail is a Linux game that focuses on climate change - how global warming along with wildfires devastated the United States ( Atlanta to be precise).

The Climate Trail : Best Linux Game On Climate Change

Let’s delve deeper and see why I am so much in awe of this unique Linux game. Let me clarify in the beginning, people who are seeking for some adventurous Linux game with good graphics and great gameplay - this Linux game won’t be able to satisfy them.

But if you have a rich imagination and you want to play a game for the mature people, this Linux game can impress you. The Climate Trail focuses mainly on global warming and the resulting wildfire in the various parts of the world. However, the game focuses mainly on America

Linux Game : The Climate Trail GamePlay

The game opens with three options - or rather - three levels of climate condition…

  1. 4 Degree Celsius : Poor Conditions Moderate Difficulty

  2. 5 Degree Celsius : Worse Conditions Significant Difficulty

  3. 6 Degree Celsius : Horrific Conditions Highest Difficulty

Basically, these can be considered as skill levels. The first one is easy, the second one is moderately hard and the third one is extremely hard. Since we, as human beings, do not get serious until nature becomes too cruel to live in - I chose the third option - the horrific weather conditions.

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The Story

The story of this Linux game begins in Atlanta. Atlanta was a prosperous land with so many railroads converging at Atlanta. The trains brought in people, jobs and establishments. It soon flourished…

However, the cruel climate along with wildfires has made Atlanta lose all its sheen. It is now a deserted place. Most people have already left Atlanta in search of better, cooler places.

The Survivor Camp In Atlanta

As said, the story of this free Linux game starts in the survivor camp in Atlanta. The survivor camp is composed of people who have survived not only the climate apocalypse, but also the ensuing Resource Wars - the fight to grab the remaining resources.

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You Meet Katherine

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As this Linux game progresses, you meet Katherine. Katherine is a climate scientist - or rather was - before the burn. Just after Katherine introduces herself, you are presented with 6 options to choose from -

  1. Tell me about the climate change and global warming

  2. What’s the burn ? ( Referring to wildfires)

  3. Didn’t the scientists warn people?

  4. Why did your parents name you Katerine?

  5. How did everyone die?

  6. What’s the climate trail?

You should press each of the options to get a clearer picture of what the game is trying to convey. But the important among these are -

What’s The Burn? And How did everyone die?

To give you a short summary - CO2 increased because of people’s stupidity. This increase in CO2 created the perfect condition for massive uncontrolled wildfires. Wildfires in turn increased the level of CO2 - one type of feedback loop.

First, people died of extreme weather conditions, heat waves and the terrible diseases resulting from the melting of the Arctic ice. Later as resources became scarce, people started fighting against each other to grab the last remaining resources. These Resource Wars took the life of many.

You Meet Two More People

You meet two more people - Bonnie and Albert. Albert is a resourceful person and can work hard. Bonnie is a woman who lost her parents to the ensuing diseases caused by the melting of permafrost.

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Your Mission

Katherine, Bonnie and Albert are planning to leave Atlanta and avoid the harsh climate. They are heading towards North - Canada. The climate there is a little lenient and they might survive.

They buy some resources with the seeds - the seeds now act like money after the Resource Wars.

Your Mission is to lead them safely to Canada. You have to ration food and water for every leg of their journey. Your team has to stop at certain locations to look for more resources. You have to help them find more food and water in those stoppages.

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But no, the game is not as easy as it sounds. You have to ration the food judiciously. Too strict rationing will be harmful and too loose rationing will prove to be stupid later. There will be heat waves and storms in the middle of your journey. Your time will be wasted. Leave no stone unturned to find more water, food and resources.

If you fail to act judiciously, your team members will die in front of you. Trust me, although there is no graphics in the game, when a team member dies in front of you - You WILL feel bad for him/her. Your team members can get sick drinking pond water. They can suffer heatstroke. Time will come when you people have no food left and Canada is still too far… Your team will have no food for 3 days.. for 4 days.. for 6 days… for 7 days and Bam! One of you die of starvation.

While you travel to Canada, you stop at many places - Dalton, Sweetwater, Jellico etc. You try and find more food and water there. But, beware : if you look for water, you have to stay there for one day resulting in the usage of some food and water.

The USP Of The Game

Never before, have I seen a game which has no graphics or moving animation whatsoever that is interesting. Now I realise it’s the story that makes a game interesting to play.

As you learn about Atlanta and other places, you will also get to know short histories of these places. It can be a great way to learn about these places in the US.

The game has a separate section known as ‘Book.’ You will find a detailed explanation of all the references that you come across in the game. The game has references to the Wet Bulb Temperature, permafrost, wildfires etc. All of them have been discussed in the book. So if you are curious and want to know more, you can head over to the Book section.

Is The Climate Trail Propagandist

The Snap Store from where I downloaded this great Linux game, has comments that say that the game is rather propagandist. They believe that the game has tried to dramatise the whole situation. Is it?

I won’t say anything. I will just give you some links to follow. Read these and decide for yourself if this Linux Game showed anything that is propagandist in nature…

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