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4 Horror Stories That You Haven't Read Elsewhere

4 Horror Stories To Ruin Your Dreams At Night...

  • The Man With No Shadow

As she was travelling past the cemetery, she noticed a man standing a few feets apart from her. She could clearly see that the street light fell directly on him. Yet it did not create any shadow! Her heart skipped a beat. She still kept moving forward…

There was no separator between the road and the cemetery. She tried to stay off the cemetery property. The man was standing right where the road turned right. “Is he going to hurt me?” “ Can other people see him?” She was thinking all these while the distance between them continued to decrease. As she was about to approach the place where the man was, she felt a strong pull from behind. She could not go further! She could not get away from the cemetery property that she wrongly thought was the road. She felt an extreme force that pulled her backward. She could not stop, she kept on moving backwards. The force dragged her inside the cemetery. And then it released her. She could see so many graves. She got frightened! She became pale! As she started to run, she stumbled on a gravestone made of marble. But instead of getting up she kept on looking at the grave. Her name was engraved on the grave. And all the memories came back to her. She realised that the cemetery is her permanent home now.


  • Die & Let Live

Alex is a great screenplay writer. He has the superhuman ability to write stories and build characters that haunt the viewers for a long time. But you can see his true talent when he writes a screenplay where a character dies. He can orchestrate death so well!

Alex keeps the storyline in mind and gifts his characters the deaths that suit them the most. Alex has written so many death scenes that he has lost count.

Today, Aex is tasked with the writing of a death scene wherein he has to show how Covid-19 drives a jobless young man to suicide. He comes home. He has the habit of sitting in a particular room to write. Alex says the cells in his brain do not work unless he is in that particular room. He closes the door and starts pouring his creative juice on to the laptop.

This time, Alex is struggling. Normally, he becomes excited when he is to write a death scene. It is his turf. This time, Alex is finding it hard to depict the painful frustration that a jobless person develops. He pours coffee in his cup. He stands up and walks up and down the room.

8 pm, 9pm 10pm - not a single word has been typed yet. He slams the lid of the laptop and pours another cup of coffee from the flask. But there wasn’t any left. He keeps on hunting for the ideas in his head. He keeps on hunting for the ideas in his head. He keeps on… He falls asleep.

God knows how much time has passed. Alex hears a knock on the door. He wakes up from his sleep and proceeds to open the lock of the door. Alex opens the door only to get startled. There were five people standing. Two women and three men. All of them get inside his room without asking. Alex finds his voice after a few seconds of surprise and asks - with as deep a voice as he could make - “ Who are you people? What the hell are you doing in my room?”

One of the women dashes towards Alex dangerously and shrieks - “ Look, this moron doesn’t remember us.” The other people laugh - not a hearty one - a laugh that is mixed with hate and a sinister intent. Now one of the men drags Alex to his laptop and yells - “ You insensitive prick! You are the one to kill all of us! We were so perfectly fitted to the storylines. But no! Alex wants tragedy! Alex wants viewers to have Catharsis! But what about us! You eliminated us from the stories and did so in such dramatic ways!”

The other girl who was silent till now, roars - “ Now it’s your turn!” One of the men coolly says, “ So guys, let’s plan for his death just as he planned ours. Should we tie him to the fan? Or should we push him from the terrace?” The first girl replies, “ No let’s burn him, so that even his dead body ceases to exist, just he makes us invisible!”

The next morning, the screenplay writer Alex is found dead in his room. Everything in the room was burnt. There was nothing left of Alex. Investigators concluded that the Laptop caught fire and the fire spread to other parts of the room while Alex was sleeping.

(Idea Taken From The Bengali Movie Chotushkone)

  • The Darkness

I woke up from my sleep. Damn! There was no light. I cursed the electric supply corporation and waited for the power to be restored. Thank God it was September, the summer is not as cruel as it happens to be in May-June-July. As time passed, I started enjoying the pervasive darkness. One of the curses of living an urban life is that you don’t get to see pure black dark anymore. Only when power-failure like this happens that we get the chance to get embraced by pitch balck darkness.

After a few minutes, I got bored. Before going to sleep, I sent a naughty GIF to my girlfriend Benz. I wanted to see if she sent any reply! I tried to wake up. But wait, what was that? I could not get up! My head collided with a solid thing. Shit! I couldn’t even turn! I am inside a casing or something. And the casing was sealed shut! I tried and tried to force myself out of the casing, but all my efforts were in vain.

The power was never restored. I am still lying in the dark casing waiting forever to check what my girlfriend said.

( Inspired By a Quora Post)

  • The Clicks

I live alone in my flat. I had to live the comforts of the city life and escape to a small, event-less town for a reason. And I got this flat at an unbelievable rate. I am living happily. I have even got a job as a remote web designer.

Everything has been going so smooth. But these days a strange thing is happening at night. I usually sleep at 1 am. I have to employ my brain everyday to complete my job. So sleep doesn’t take a long time to come when I hit the bed. But these days, as the clock strikes three, I hear an eerie camera-click sound right near me. For the first three days, I thought that my brain was playing tricks with me. But the clicks still continue.

I am not a weak person. My skin can be as thick as it can get. So that small noise failed to bother me. But… yesterday, the police came to my house and picked me up! They think I am some kind of a terrorist! Man! I hate these terrorists to the core of my heart. How can the police mistake me as a terrorist? I demanded to see my lawyer.

The lawyer came, but he refused to help me! He says that there is incriminating evidence against me and there is no way that my innocence can be proved. He informs me that they found my pictures, the pictures of my flat from several of the extremist organisations. In fact they even found a social media post where I am standing with an extremist!

How can this be possible? How can this be possible! I even got to know, through underhand means, who tipped the police. It was a girl named Priya.

As soon as I heard the name Priya, I sat down. I know now that I am finished. Priya used to love me. I had sex with her - all the while fioming her. I don't know why Priya left me after one year. But it was a humiliation for me. So I decided to teach her a lesson and uploaded the video of her having sex with me. I even photoshopped her picture. It was a great tit for tat.

But how can she tip the police? As far as I know, she committed suicide.


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