Why AssaultCube Remains The Best Linux Game In 2021

Updated: Jan 3

Best Linux Game In 2021

Linux is not just for geeks. You can very well play awesome games on Linux. There are many top games for Linux based OSes. These Linux Games are completely free of charge. And no, you don’t need to download Steam to play the best Linux games. By far, the best Linux game is Assault Cube. Most major distributions support this game for Linux. You can download it from here.

Can Linux Run Games ?

The people who are not that familiar with Google ( for no fault of theirs) ask - Can Linux Run Games ? The answer is a resounding Yes! Linux can run games. And rather too well at that. You know what? Most airplane simulations are made for Linux. So why can’t Linux run general games?

Linux Games Free Download : Assault Cube

There are many Linux games free download available. But the best free Linux game is Assault Cube. AssaultCube is best Linux 3D Game. It is 3D first person shooter game. Have you ever played IGI on Windows? AssaultCube is similar to IGI. You can play online with other players (not bots).

Assault Cube : Best Linux Game To Play In 2020

AssaultCube is a beautiful 3D game. You can download the game for all the three major OSes - Windows, Linux and Mac. The game has many modes. Here are the basics of the game -

  • There are two teams - CLA and RVSF. You get to join a team automatically when you connect to a server or play offline with bots. There are many interesting modes. In the CTF or Capture The Flag mode you have to capture the enemy flag and bring it to your team’s flag base. For example if you are in CLA, you have to capture the flag of RVSF and bring it to the CLA flag. But in your path, there will be RVSF armies waiting to kill you. So beware!

  • In the LSS (Last Swiss Standing) mode, you don’t get to fight with rifles or pistols. You only get a knife and you can pick up bombs. With these two, you have to kill your opponents. If CTF is a mode of speed, LSS is the mode of skill. You have to predict and analyse the move of your opponents and throw the grenade timing it perfectly. And don’t think you can kill your opponent just by one slash of the knife. You have to slash your opponent skillfully.

  • In the HTF or Hunt The Flag mode, you or your team member have to carry your flag. Then you have to find the opponent team member who is carrying the opponent flag and kill him. Once you pick the opponent’s flag, you win. But if your flag is not carried by you or your team, picking up your opponent's flag will not fetch you a score.

  • In the DM or Death Match Mode, you don’t need to care for any flag. Just go on and kill your opponents without thinking anything. This is a great mode for killing time. There is no specific purpose, yet this mode remains interesting.

  • In the KTF or Keep The Flag mode, you have to keep the yellow flag for as long as you can. Every fifteen second of your flag-carry will fetch you points. KTF is an intense mode, on one hand you kill the opponents and on the other you protect the flag.

  • In One Shot One Kill, you have a sniper. Just one shot can kill you or your opponent. This mode is for those who are quick and agile.

Why Assault Cube Is The Best

  • AssaultCube is a mesmerizing game for linux. Yet it is small in size. The game is only 50 MB. After you download the game, you will see that there are many preloaded maps. You can play these maps offline. Or you can go online and download new maps to play with other players. The average size of the maps is 40KB. But the maps are not juvenile. In fact you will get awed by the planning with which these maps are made.

  • AssaultCube does not need a high speed internet. A decent internet speed will be enough for AssaultCube. It is one of the best 3D games Linux has ever seen. The maps are awesome. The Physics of the game is interesting. Although there are some non-scientific movements of the players, you won’t find it too objectionable.

  • Unlike other Linux First Person Shooters, AssaultCube is not ruined by too much speedy gameplay. Games likes Sauerbraten or Nexuiz are obviously good. But the speedy game play makes it a nightmare to play the games. AssaultCube is speedy too, but the devs have deliberately decreased the speediness so as to make the game playable.

  • Maps like Casa, Syria, MG Battle, Shine, etc are a treat to play in. These maps have intricate details. You can hide, you can attack, you can strategise. The best thing is, as many 16 players can play the game simultaneously.

  • AssaultCube is based on the Cube engine. The Cube engine is known for its outdoor maps. So AssaultCube has the advantage of supporting outdoor maps with sky, green ground, roads, jungles and what not. But its Quake counterparts have to struggle hard to display outdoor maps. Even if they display outdoor maps, the environment doesn't look outdoor-ish. Quake games fail to come out of the dark, sinister environment. As said there is another Cube game - Sauerbraten - that has some great outdoor maps. But the game suffers from insanely speedy gameplay.

  • One unique thing about AssaultCube is its voice-comn facility. Press the letter 'v' on your keyboard and AC will list all the voice-com that you can use. There are voice-coms like 'Awesome!', 'Alright Sir,' 'Come on Move!' etc that makes the in game experince fun. You can use these voicecoms to pump more adrenaline or just to annoy other players.

AssaultCube - Make Friends With Other Players

AssaultCube is the best Ubuntu game. It works on all of the major platforms. The great thing about AssaultCube is you can play online with other players and talk to them. You can make new friends while playing AssaultCube.

AssaultCube has a vibrant community around it. The Discord Server is quite active and you get all kinds of help there. If you feel alone, you can talk ( and quarrel) with your fellow Assault Cubers. You can even flirt with girls there! There are many pro female players in AssaultCube. I myself, have fallen in love with Medusa! She is a great player. Her sense of humour is awesome. Although she can be moody at times, it is her unpredictable nature that makes her so attractive!

AssaultCube makes you sociable. The players there won't forgive your bad attitude. But they will be warm and welcoming if you have good intentions. Whenever you teamkill somebody and you don't say sorry, you will be deemed rude. The Discord Server of AC is a nice place to learn how to behave in a social atmosphere. I am forever indebted to AssaultCube for teaching me to say sorry whenever I did any wrong. At the same time, I also love how it is possible to put forth your opinion - the folks there actually are quite educated and you will get educated reply from them. Shallowness is absent in the AssaultCube community.

AssaultCube : Best Linux FPS Game

AssaultCube is the best of the best Linux FPS Games. Not only is it a first person shooter, you can even chat in first person there. The game has a cult following. Although the game is quite old, there are many active players who play the game daily.

There are many AssaultCube clans that you can join. Clans are groups of like-minded people who form a group within the AssaultCube community. Personally speaking, I like the ZZ clan the most. It is a classy caln with many great players.

AssaultCube : Linux Games Free

AssaultCube is one of the best Linux games freely available. You can download it from the Linux app stores. You can download it directly from the website.

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