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Best Free Online Photolab Editors

Online Photolab Editor

Best Online Photo Lab Editors

Photo editing is important. Before uploading photos online, we edit our photos to look dashing. We want ourselves to be appreciated. And there is nothing wrong in it! Believe me! We all have that desire to be appreciated deep down. Today, I will tell what online photolab editors are best for you. This list of online photolab editors is different from others. I will recommend those photo editors that you haven’t heard of.

Top 5 Online Photolab Editors

  • Pixlr

Pixlr is a great online photolab editor. It has two types - Advanced Pixlr E and Playful Pixlr X. The advanced Pixlr E is just like Photoshop. The UI of this online photo editor is quite like Photoshop - so much so that you will confuse Pixlr with Photoshop. At the left hand side, there are tools like blur, crop, smudge, text etc. At the right there is the layer management box.However the names of the editing tools are different from Photoshop . For example, the smudge tool is named as liquify. The Playful Pixlr X is for those who have no Photoshop knowledge whatsoever. It is great too in its limited form.

  • Photolab

We think Photolab is an app-only photo editor. It is similar to Pictionize online photo editor but does much more. But the online version of this photo effects maker works smoothly too. There are all the flagship Photolab features - Background remover, cartoon maker, animation and more.

  • Lunapic

Lunapic is yet another gem in the online photolab editor world. There is no need to sign up. You also don’t need to install any app. You might get disappointed with the UI of the app, but the features offered by the app are awesome. At first you will think that this online photo editor has not many features. But do search for the ‘200+ more effects’ and ‘more art’ link to enjoy hundreds of editing tools and effects to make your photos look cool.

  • Befunky

Befunky is a nice and clean online photolab editor. The black background of the interface is soothing for the eyes. The effects are nicely categorized so you don't have to fumble for options. There is a touch up category that has all sorts of options to beautify your pics. You can remove wrinkles and blemishes, you can add mascara to your eyes, you can add blush to your cheeks ( face cheeks, that is !). You can even whiten your teeth with this awesome online photo effects maker. Other categories include Effects, Artsy, Frames, Graphics, Overlays, Text and Textures. Each of these categories has several options to play from. One con is - I couldn't find any background remover option.

  • Pixomatic

Pixomatic is a heavily feature-rich online photolab editor. I loved the fact that its website featured a black model at the very top - a nice political statement in the wake of black lives matter movement. This amazing online photo effects maker has an UI that is very similar to Photoshop. Even the terminologies are similar. You have the clone tool, heal tool, blur tool, cut out tool. Apart from these, you can also adjust the brightness, hue, saturation, tint, sepia, exposure and gamma. You can increase or decrease the sharpness, vibrance, grain. You also get a draw tool. The possibilities are limitless. Just try this once.

With these online photolab editors, be sure to get more likes and comments. But always remember - YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL WITH OR WITHOUT PHOTO EDITORS.

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