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Best Linux Game In The Netherlands : AssaultCube

Once upon a time, Linux based OSes had the bad reputation of having no great games. Time has changed folks. Today, Linux distros do come with engrossing games that can make you an addict. True, they cannot match up to the level of Windows games. But with the advent of Snap, Flatpak and with the progress of Steam, the Linux gaming sphere is changing rapidly.

AssaultCube is one of the best Linux games that has been there for quite a long time. A product of the Cube engine, this first person shooter is way more advanced than the original engine.

4 Reasons Why AssaultCube Will Be Loved Buy The Dutch

The Dutch in particular will find this game extremely suitable. Bear with me for a while and I will show you how the culture within AssaultCube matches with that of the Netherlands.

4 Reasons Why The Dutch Will Love AssaultCube

AssaultCube : As United As The United Provinces

Back in the 16th century, the Netherlands or the region of the Netherlands was divided into various provinces. These provinces were independent to each other. Yet they acted as a united body before the foreign forces.

In AssaultCube too, people from so many countries come and play. Other online games do not have such diverse groups of players. For example, if you try to play Slither Dot IO, you will see that the servers are divided based on the region of the players. So an American player will most likely land into the US server. While a player from China will get the Asian server. There is no sharing ideas between countries.

Whereas in this linux game, people from well known countries like the US, Germany, the UK, France, Netherlands, Italy, Australia come and play. Along with that there are hundreds of players from countries like Algeria, India, Bangladesh, Czechia, Russia - sometimes they come from countries which I don't know of.

So it’s a cacophonic cauldron of various cultures. And just like the United Provinces of the Netherlands, people of every country are treated equally. No particular country get special treatment. That's why I consider AssaultCube the best Linux game to ever exist.

As Lovingly Made As The Delftwares

Once upon a time Netherlands was known for its beautiful ceramic earthenwares - Delftwares. Even after so many years, there is still one surviving Delftware facility - Royal Delft. You have seen those “ weirdly satisfying videos” on Youtube. The Delftwares too are weirdly satisfying to behold.

The intricate painting that is done on the Delftware is all done with hand - without any machines. Each Delftware carries with it the love and emotion of the artisans.

AssaultCube too has been made with love by the developers. The original developers of this free Linux game have retired. The new ones - XRD, Gren and others - are just as passionate as the previous developers. They are busy in their professional lives but they take time out to keep on improving the game. True that it’s been a while since the last update came, but work is going on in Github. The developers are extremely active and have an unending passion for the game.

AssaultCube Is As Unique As The Dutch Auction

Unlike the English Auction, in a Dutch Auction the price of a product goes from high to low until a buyer opts to buy it. This way, the auction gets completed quicker than the time it takes for the English auction to come to fruition.

AssaultCube, although based on the classic Cube engine, employs certain techniques that make it stand apart from the original game.For example, I have always complained how the gameplay of Sauerbraten - another Cube game - is too fast to play and enjoy. AssaultCube - the best Linux game of Netherlands - solves the problem by reducing the speed of the gameplay. The voice comm feature within the game is a badass add on!

AssaultCube Will Make You Feel Nostalgic, So Will The Netherlands

The Netherlands is replete with the blasts from the past. As I mentioned, the Royal Delftware is standing tall as the testimony of the country’s awesome ceramic ware manufacturing history. The Grote Kerk, the Westfries Museum, the Zuiderzee Museum - everything evokes a sense of pride stemming from the Dutch Golden Days.

Far From The Madding Crowd

AssaultCube too will give you old vibes. The Redditors criticise the game for that - they say it is outdated and feels kind of 90s. But just like Holland, AssaultCube is a mixture of the old and modern technologies. It is greatly integrated with Discord. The new maps are quite polished and enjoyable to play. The old looks of the game the crowd at bay. So the game gets high quality players - who are not teenagers. Most of the players, here, are working people and most of them are more than 25 years of age. If you are a Dutch, do download this great Linux game. You will feel an instant connection with the game.

I live in Kolkata. There is a place called Chinsurah not very far from my city. Back in the days it was a Dutch colony. And surprisingly, Chinsurah too is clean and quaint just like Netherlands. It will be a treat to splatter the enemies in AssaultCube, sitting beside the Dutch Cannons that still grace the region of Chinsurah.

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