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Basic Structure Of A Web Page

Any HTML webpage, at its core, have this structure -








(end of code)

We use DOCTYPE to tell the browser that the code is in HTML 5.

Any html code should start with <html> and at the end of the code, insert the closing tag </html>

In the <head> </head> section, we set all the metadata specific to that webpage. ( We will discuss about it in the next chapter). The metadata remains invisible to the website visitors, but plays an important role as far as appearance and SEO is concerned.

It is within the <body> </body> section that we write content, add images or videos to the webpage. Anything that's written or uploaded into the body section can be seen by the website visitors.

With this basic structure in mind, let's start creating our website!

Our Project -

Creating a Website For An Imaginary Company That Offers Affordable Mars Tours (Yes I am talking about Mars, the planet)

I will be using visual studio code to write my HTML code into. You can download this text editor for free using this link -




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