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Corporate Blog Writing

In a corporate blog, information mingles with subtle sales pitch. Learn how to nudge people without appearing pushy.

Technical Article Writing

Talking about a complex thing in an easy-to-understand way is challenging. Learn how I keep the interest of the readers intact.

Academic Content Creation

Academic Content does not follow the standard guidelines of content writing. It requires more care. Learn more.

SEO Optimized Content

Can you talk to stranger on the internet as if he is your best friend? Writing social media content is fun & challenging!


Let's Get Introduced !

Hello, that guy you're seeing on the left is me !

My name is Marifur Rahaman. I live in Kolkata, India.I have been in this amazing world of content creation for two years now.

I completed my graduation with Honours in English from the University of Calcutta in 2013. I also have a mobile store. So I have a fairly decent idea about the various types of customers and I know how to persuade them.

If you ever come to Kolkata, do ring me up. We will have tea at the road-side stall - not just for business purpose - I love meeting new people.


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Content Marketing Has Evolved :

Are You Still Using The Traditional Content Marketing Tactics ?

Today, people have less time to read. But they are bombarded with too many options. Without Minimalism, you cannot maintain the reader's attention. So a good content writer must leverage white space, graphics and videos, short paragraphs - to keep the readers interested.

Intimacy is the keyword. You have to speak as if you are with your readers. Don't start talking about the technicalities. A good content writer focuses on the 'why' aspect. Why is your company doing what it does? This 'why' leads to the purpose of your work, your company. People are more interested to know exactly why you started the company - what problems are you aiming to solve.

A professional content writer pin points the need of your potential customers. Then she writes exactly how your company can fulfill the customers' needs.

Today, mere text based content writing is not enough. So I provide graphics and videos with my text based content. I have my own YouTube Channel, own Facebook Page and even own shop. So I know how to deal with people of varied interests and culture.

Come, let's join hands and have healthy, lasting relationship with the esteemed customers...




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